Connectomes Inc

Curing and Empowering

Eradicating Neurological Disorders

Our main mission is to create an abundant future, combining scientific knowledge and the business of discovery with exponential technologies, including: nanotechnology, biotechnology, 3D printing, supercomputing, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. As part of our mission, our company envisions a world where humanity is free from neurological disorders. Today, neurological disorders are a massive problem affecting the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Neurological Disorders are a global challenge

More than 1 Billion people are affected by some type of neurological disease. Currently, available treatments have little effects on slowing down the progression of the diseases. The cost of neurological disorders in the United States alone is approximately 800 Billion dollars a year. Europe is spending annually a similar amount of 798 Billion dollars.

Solving brain diseases is a multi-trillion dollars opportunity, and more importantly, it will make the world a better place.

Science and Technology


The tools to restore health will require advanced software, hardware and wetware which empower better understanding of the underlying causes of disease. Treatment tools might involve advanced nanotechnology, biotechnology, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, implemented with automated robotic systems guided by advanced brain Imaging solutions.

Better World for All


We live in the most amazing times of human history. It is our duty to create a better tomorrow.

Advanced neuroscience technologies will likely empower humanity to finally reverse engineer the human brain systems and subsystems, which will likely permit modelling brain disease processes and find proper treatment therapies which would save our almost bankrupted healthcare system.

Combinations of emerging exponential technologies will empower the understanding of the mechanisms of brain development and ultimately the understanding of the neural correlates of consciousness.

Emerging technologies combined with advances in neuroscience will likely permit connecting brains with computers. This will finally permit having robotics and artificial intelligence taking care of the dangerous and boring jobs.

Our company is committed to establish and follow the most strict Ethical, Social & Legal guidelines to ensure that Humanity’s interests are the north-star of all our efforts. These principles form the backbone of our belief system: to make the world a better place for the benefit of humanity.


Company & Team

Nuno Martins, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

George Church, Ph.D.




Founded by Dr. Nuno Martins, the company is advised by the world-renowned scientist and serial entrepreneur Dr. George Church and supported by some of the most recognised names in the world of science and industry. Every single team member, investor, advisor, or partner, involved with our company share the same vision of creating an abundant future for all.

Our mission is
to create an
abundant future
for everyone

Our mission is rooted in the aspiration to forge an abundant future for everyone. A world where the synergies between scientific knowledge, discovery, and exponential technologies propel us into new realms of possibility. By integrating cutting-edge disciplines we aim to harness the transformative potential of exponential technologies. Through strategic collaboration and innovative solutions, we envision addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. From advancing medical breakthroughs that eradicate neurological disorders to pioneering space exploration technologies that extend the reach of human civilization. Our mission is to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities that emerging technologies offer. In doing so, we aspire to lay the groundwork for a future where abundance, innovation, and progress are accessible to every individual, fostering a global landscape that thrives on the limitless potential of human ingenuity.


Advisory Board

Meet the Company’s Advisory Board. A group composed by some of the world’s most brilliant minds across many domains of science, technology, and business.

As a Scientist and a roboticist I have always been passionated about creating a future where robots and humans work collaboratively to create a world of abundance. Connectomes, Inc, is a company that will contribute to create that better future

Harry Kloor, Ph.D.

Scientist and Roboticist


Education & Partners


As humanity leaps forward in understanding the mysteries of the brain and the nervous system, we look into emerging technologies as the tools to empower the scientific knowledge that will make the world a better place. For our company, it is critical to share our research findings, resources and discoveries with students, universities, institutions and the general public. On our website you will find the building blocks for the better tomorrow. Here is some great available material for you to cite, reference and explore.