Connectomes Inc

Connectomes, Inc.

Connectomes is a breakthrough innovative company that builds radical new technologies to advance the field of neuroscience for creating a better world. Our services and products are focused on the field of neuroscience and neurotechnology using advanced exponential technologies, such as 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotics. We specialize in finding cures for the more than 400 human neurological disorders and disabilities as well as on neuromorphic computing, robotics and educational material. We creates software, hardware, and wetware for researchers and institutions.  

In this section, we invite you to delve deeper into the vibrant ecosystem of individuals who form the backbone of Connectomes, working tirelessly to safeguard human life, liberate individuals from the shackles of neurological diseases, and usher in a new era of human enhancement.

Our diverse and multidisciplinary team is comprised of brilliant minds from various fields, spanning neuroscience, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and beyond. United by a common purpose, our professionals bring a wealth of expertise and innovative thinking to the table. Meet the dedicated neuroscientists who unravel the mysteries of the brain, the artificial intelligence specialists crafting cutting-edge solutions, the biotechnologists at the forefront of transformative medical interventions, and the nanotechnology experts pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

At Connectomes, we believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture that nurtures creativity and values diverse perspectives. Our team members hail from different corners of the world, contributing to a rich tapestry of ideas and experiences. This collaborative spirit extends beyond our internal teams to encompass our interactions with the global community. We actively engage with experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts alike to ensure that our endeavors are not isolated but are deeply intertwined with the collective wisdom of the broader scientific and societal community.

As you explore this page, you will encounter the passion, and expertise of the people who form the driving force behind our mission. Each individual at Connectomes is driven by a shared vision – a vision that sees a future where humanity is unburdened by neurological diseases, where technological advancements uplift rather than alienate, and where innovation is synonymous with ethical responsibility.

Join us on this journey of discovery, where the brilliance of human minds converges with cutting-edge technologies to chart a course towards a better, healthier, and more advanced future for us all. Together, we are the architects of change, committed to shaping a world where the potential of humanity is not just realized but elevated to new heights.

Mission and Goal

At Connectomes, our unwavering mission is to forge a future of abundance for everyone. A future where every individual is liberated from the grip of neurological disorders — a pervasive challenge impacting the lives of billions globally.

Rooted in the belief that humanity can harness the power of innovation to transcend the limitations of today, our vision is a seamless fusion of scientific knowledge and the pursuit of discovery with a suite of exponential technologies and groundbreaking disciplines, encompassing nanotechnology, biotechnology, 3D printing, supercomputing, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. These transformative technologies are not mere tools; they represent the building blocks of a brighter, healthier future for humanity.

In pursuit of this ambitious goal, we are resolute in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, unraveling the complexities of the human brain, and leveraging the immense potential inherent in emerging technologies.

Join us on this journey of innovation and compassion, as we strive to create a future where abundance is not just a concept but a tangible reality for every individual on our planet.

Core Values


We are all blessed to belong to this amazing family, which we call, Humanity. We believe that first and foremost we have a duty to protect and preserve our human species, while also safeguarding individual life.


More than just protecting and preserving human life, our company aims to empower humanity forward improving healthcare, robotics, computing, artificial intelligence, and our presence in the Universe. The potential of combining exponential technologies to improve those areas is almost unlimited. We working daily to be at the forefront of innovation and technology to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Not just our amazing human species but our individual lives have to be protected and preserved. Our company believes that technology has to be used to protect and preserve our health and our lives.


All new emerging technologies carry enormous benefits, but also perils that have to be carefully evaluated. Our company complies with all ethical and legal guidelines and as we are at the forefront of innovation we are committed to continue to work to ensure that every
next breakthrough is accompanied by the world experts to ensure that everything will always be made to optimize the benefits for society.

Unbreakable Principles

Our company expands the boundaries of what is possible with the
commitment of performing responsible science and technological
creation guided by several other work values:

Creative Innovation

Responsible Science

Excellence & Integrity


Founder and Advisor

Nuno Martins, Ph.D.

Dr. Martins is a scientist, a serial entrepreneur, and an international speaker. As a scientist Dr Martins is interested in technological developments with potential to solve humanity’s most challenging problems. He is currently a visiting scholar at the center for science technology medicine and society at the University of California Berkeley.

In business, Dr. Martins founded and is the co-CEO of a multi-million dollar company in the real-estate sector in his home-country, Portugal. As an international speaker, Dr. Martins has provided talks in several conferences worldwide, including the United States, Hungary, Serbia, Brasil, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

George Church, PH.D.

Dr Church is a professor at Harvard and MIT, runs the Church lab at the Harvard Medical School, and is a Core Faculty member of the Wyss Institute at Harvard where he leads the Synthetic Biology Platform. Dr Church is a recognized leader in genomics, having pioneered a number of advances and breakthroughs that have helped advance the entire field.

In 1984 with Wally Gilbert, Dr Church developed the first direct genomic sequencing method and barcode-multiplexing tags. This led to automation and software used for the first cellular genome sequence (Helicobacter) in 1994, which evolved into ‘in-situ sequencing’ (1999) and ‘next-generation sequencing’ (2014).

Dr Church then pioneered chip-based DNA libraries, genome editing, and stem cell engineering. He also pioneered new privacy, biosafety, human engineering, environmental, biosecurity, and bioethics strategies and training. Today, he and his group champion open- access human genome data.

For his achievements and direct contributions to genomics and the sciences as a whole, Dr Church has received numerous awards. Some of his most prestigious recognitions include National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, the Heptannual Bower Award, and Prize for Achievement in Science from the Franklin Institute.

Scientific Advisory Board

Ben Goertzel, Ph.D.

Ben Goertzel is the Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong robotics company that creates the world’s most advanced humanoid robots. He is also Chief Scientist of Aidyia Limited, a Hong Kong investment management firm using advanced AI for financial prediction; and he serves as Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, which hosts the annual AGI research conference serie, and the OpenCog Foundation, an organization leading international development of advanced open source AI tools.  Dr. Goertzel is one of the world’s foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence, a subfield of AI oriented toward creating thinking machines with general cognitive capability at the human level and beyond.  He also has decades of expertise applying AI to practical problems in areas ranging from natural language processing and data mining to robotics, video gaming, national security and bioinformatics.  


In the area of longevity research specifically, he has been the foremost advocate and practitioner of the application of AI technology to the analysis of genomics data regarding longevity.  

David Cavallo, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Consulting Learning Architect to the Fab Foundation and Special Consultant to the Director of the South End Technology Center (SETC)

Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,

Jean Hebert, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Professor Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience and Professor Department of Genetics

Nikolaos Tezapsidis, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Founder of Neurotez, Inc.

Steve Wilcenski, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
BNNano, Inc. Co-Founder & CEO.

Guy Micco, M.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Clinical Professor, Emeritus UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program

Harry Kloor, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
CEO and CoFounder at Beyond Imagination Inc – Robotic AI Humanoid Robotics Company.

Mikhail Lebedev, Ph.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Senior Research Scientist at Duke University Medical Center and Scientific Head.

James Hughes, PH.D.

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Dr. Richie Kohman

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Dr Kohman is  the CSO of the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering.

Dr. Tan Le

Connectomes Scientific Advisory Board Member,
Dr. Tan Le is the founder and CEO of EMOTIV, the leader in EEG – Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology.

Business Advisory Board

Rick N. Tumlinson

Rick N. Tumlinson’s recent book is Return to the Moon. He was named one of the world’s top “Space Visionaries” and one the top one hundred most influential people in the space field by Space News, he is the cofounder of the Space Frontier Foundation, which has been called “pound for pound the most effective space organization on Earth.” From an old Texas family whose pioneering credits include helping start the Texas Rangers and fighting in the Alamo, Rick has spent his life fighting to open the space frontier.
The son of an Air Force Sergeant and his English wife, he was educated primarily in England and Texas. He worked for noted scientist Gerard K. O’Neill at the Space Studies Institute, founded the New York L-5 Society, and was a key player in starting the Lunar Prospector project which discovered hints of water on the Moon. He also helped pass the Space Settlement Act of 1988, testified before President Reagan’s National Commission on Space, and was a founding trustee of the X-Prize. Over the years he has been a lead witness in six congressional hearings on the future of NASA, the U.S. space program and space tourism, including testifying before Senator John McCain and the Senate Space and Technology Committee on the Moon, Mars and Beyond program.

Salim Ismail

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Serial Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author.

Rupam Shrivastava

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Founder and General Partner at Frontiers Capital

Torrey Smith

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Co-Founder & CEO – Endiatx.

Paul Zak

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Scientist. Prolific Author. Public Speaker.

Harish Consul

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer Ocgrow Ventures.

Peter Voss

Founder and CEO, Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Inc.

Eric Doherty

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
President at PERSOWN, Inc.

Raphael Roettgen, CFA

Connectomes Business Advisory Board Member,
Raphael Roettgen is the managing partner of E2MC Ventures, a space-focused early-stage venture capital firm.

Company Culture

At Connectomes, our company culture is the heartbeat of our organization—a dynamic and thriving ecosystem that fosters collaboration, respect, and support. We recognize the paramount importance of these values, especially when our collective ambition is to achieve something monumental. In the pursuit of groundbreaking initiatives, we have cultivated an environment where every team member is not just a participant but an integral contributor to the shared vision of creating a transformative impact on a global scale.

Collaboration is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a cornerstone of our culture. We believe that the fusion of diverse perspectives and ideas leads to the most innovative solutions. Our teams collaborate seamlessly, transcending geographical boundaries to bring together the best minds from all geographies, including the United States of America and Europe. This international collaboration enriches our work with a tapestry of experiences, cultural insights, and expertise that propels us forward in our mission.

Respect is the foundation upon which our interactions are built. We value each team member’s unique contributions and perspectives, fostering an atmosphere where ideas are welcomed, and every voice is heard. In doing so, we create a work environment that not only encourages creativity but also empowers individuals to express their thoughts freely.

Support is embedded in our DNA. We recognize that undertaking pioneering initiatives requires a strong foundation of encouragement and assistance. Whether it’s overcoming challenges, pursuing ambitious goals, or navigating the complexities of our work, our supportive culture ensures that every team member has the resources and encouragement needed to thrive.

Our team embodies a commitment to excellence, passion for our mission, intelligence that drives innovation, creativity that pushes boundaries, and experience that grounds our endeavors in practical wisdom. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, contributing to a vibrant and cohesive collective.

As we continue to shape the future of Connectomes, our culture remains an unwavering force—one that propels us towards our aspirations and ensures that our journey is not only impactful but also deeply fulfilling for every member of our team.

University & Institutional Partners

We are excited about collaborating with university departments of the top universities in the United States and all over the world. While we step further into perfecting our technologies, it will always be vital to have the greatest minds and research partners collaborating and inspiring our teams and Leading the way to a better world. Our mission wouldn’t be achievable without these amazing partnerships and the amazing work being done in our great education institutions worldwide.


Our journey at Connectomes has been shaped by the incredible support and partnership of our esteemed investors, and we express our deepest gratitude for their unwavering commitment to our vision. Their multifaceted contributions, encompassing financial backing, motivational insights, and expansive networking support, have proven to be invaluable cornerstones in propelling us towards the realization of our mission.

The financial backing from our investors has not only provided us with the means to pursue ambitious initiatives but has also served as a testament to their belief in the transformative potential of our endeavors. Their strategic investments empower us to navigate the complex landscape of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies, facilitating the groundbreaking work that is essential to our mission.

Beyond the financial realm, our investors have been beacons of motivation, infusing our team with a shared sense of purpose and determination. Their unwavering belief in our capabilities and the profound impact of our mission inspires us to reach new heights and overcome challenges with resilience. Their motivational support serves as a driving force, fortifying our commitment to making the world a better place through the eradication of neurological diseases.

Networking support from our investors has been a catalyst for growth and innovation. Surrounded by some of the most visionary angel and venture investors globally, we benefit from a network that extends far beyond geographical boundaries. This interconnected community not only opens doors to strategic collaborations but also provides access to invaluable insights and expertise that enhance our collective capabilities.

We stand humbled by the privilege of being associated with investors who share our dedication to the vision of freeing humanity from the burdens of neurological diseases. Their belief in our mission resonates deeply within our team, creating a symbiotic relationship where our shared commitment propels us forward. As we navigate the path towards a healthier and better world, we recognize and appreciate the integral role played by our investors in shaping the trajectory of Connectomes.



Embark on a Journey to Transform Lives

Throughout centuries, diseases have cast a shadow over the human experience, bringing suffering and challenging the resilience of communities worldwide. Now, as we stand at the precipice of unprecedented scientific and technological advancements, the time has come to cast away the shackles of affliction and usher in an era of restored health and well-being. Connectomes invites you to be a part of this transformative journey.

At Connectomes, we believe in the power of collective brilliance and unwavering dedication to drive change. We are on a mission to eradicate neurological diseases, liberating individuals from the burdens that have plagued humanity for far too long. If you are passionate about making a meaningful impact, if you possess the skills and vision to contribute to groundbreaking advancements in science and technology, then we invite you to join our team.






Connectomes is accepting humanity’s duty to cure patients with neurological disorders and restore them to a healthier state, while also improving the human condition and human quality of life through cutting-edge science and technologies.

Working with us means being part of a dynamic and collaborative environment where innovation is not just encouraged but celebrated. As a member of the Connectomes team, you will be at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development, contributing to solutions that have the potential to reshape the landscape of human health.

We are looking for individuals who are not just seeking a job but a calling—a calling to be a part of something bigger, something that transcends individual aspirations and contributes to the collective well-being of humanity. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a recent graduate, or someone with a passion for science and technology, Connectomes provides a platform for you to realize your full potential.

Join us in our quest to end suffering, restore health, and build a future where neurological diseases are but a distant memory. Apply now and become an integral part of a team that is reshaping the trajectory of human health and paving the way for a healthier, more abundant world. Together, let’s be the architects of change and forge a path toward a brighter future for all.


The connectome encompasses the intricate network of neuronal connections within the central nervous system of a species. It serves as a detailed map, capturing the entirety of neural interactions. Representations of connectomes can take the form of matrices or graphs, providing essential foundations for subsequent analyses of network organization.

Understanding the connectome is crucial for unraveling the complexities of neural circuits and their role in shaping brain function. It is akin to deciphering the blueprint of a complex city, where the roads (neuronal connections) dictate the flow of information and communication. The connectome’s significance lies in its ability to unveil the structural framework that underlies cognitive processes, behaviors, and responses.

Studying the connectome allows researchers and scientists to explore how information is processed, transmitted, and integrated across different regions of the brain. This comprehension is pivotal for gaining insights into neurological disorders, cognitive functions, and the overall workings of the central nervous system. By delving into the connectome, we open doors to a deeper understanding of brain organization, paving the way for innovative approaches to neurological research and the development of targeted interventions for various brain-related conditions.

The connectome, in essence, serves as a neural atlas that maps out the intricate web of connections between neurons, akin to the highways and byways of a bustling city.

Each connection represents a potential pathway for information flow, influencing how signals traverse the brain and contribute to cognitive processes. Just as a city’s structure shapes its dynamics, the connectome’s detailed representation allows researchers to explore the neural architecture that governs perception, learning, memory, and various other brain functions.

Furthermore, the connectome is fundamental to the emerging field of network neuroscience. By representing neural connections in matrix or graph form, researchers can apply advanced analytical techniques to unravel the principles governing the organization and dynamics of these intricate networks. This deep dive into network organization is essential for deciphering the principles that govern both healthy brain function and the deviations associated with neurological disorders.

The importance of the connectome extends beyond basic research into clinical applications. It provides a roadmap for understanding how disruptions in neural connectivity contribute to various neurological conditions, from neurodevelopmental disorders to neurodegenerative diseases. Insights gained from studying the connectome pave the way for personalized and targeted therapeutic strategies, opening new avenues for the development of treatments that address the specific connectivity patterns implicated in individual cases. In essence, the connectome stands as a key to unlocking the mysteries of the brain, offering unprecedented opportunities to enhance our understanding of neurological health and to develop innovative interventions that can transform lives.

Join our Team

Becoming a member of a groundbreaking team at Connectomes bring you to the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare and liberating humanity from the burdens of brain diseases. As our innovative technologies make significant strides towards clinical application, our narrative unfolds, and the Connectomes family continues to expand. If you harbor a deep passion for contributing to a world where lives are saved, families are safeguarded, and the trajectory of health is transformed, then we invite you to be a driving force in our remarkable journey.

Working at Connectomes means being part of a mission that transcends traditional boundaries. We are not merely a company; we are a collective force committed to reshaping the world. Our story is one of innovation, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of human life. As we progress toward clinical breakthroughs, we are seeking individuals who share our zeal for creating a positive impact on a global scale.

Joining Connectomes is an opportunity to be immersed in a dynamic, collaborative, and intellectually stimulating environment. Here, your skills and passion will be harnessed to contribute to groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to redefine healthcare paradigms. Whether you bring expertise in cutting-edge technologies, healthcare, research, or any other relevant field, your unique perspective is valued and pivotal to our shared success At Connectomes, we believe in fostering a workplace culture that encourages innovation, values diverse perspectives, and nurtures professional growth. Your role within our team will not only be about a job but a meaningful vocation—a chance to actively participate in freeing individuals from the shackles of brain diseases. Join us at Connectomes and be a catalyst for a future where the alleviation of human suffering is not just a goal but a reality. Your journey toward creating a better world starts here.


George Church, Ph.D.

Dr Church is a scientific advisor for Connectomes Inc. Additionally he currently serves as the head of the Wyss Institute, while running Church Labs at Harvard Medical School. Currently also a professor at Harvard and MIT, Dr Church is a world leader in genomics, pioneering a number of advances and breakthroughs that have progressed the entire field of genomics.

In a 2012, Dr Church proposed a Brain Activity Map

The BRAIN initiative. Dr Church was part of a team who, in a 2012 scientific commentary, proposed a Brain Activity Map, later named BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies). They outlined specific experimental techniques that might be used to achieve what they termed a “functional connectome”, as well as new technologies that will have to be developed in the course of the project, including wireless, minimally invasive methods to detect and manipulate neuronal activity, either utilizing microelectronics or synthetic biology. In one such proposed method, enzymatically produced DNA would serve as a “ticker tape record” of neuronal activity.

Dr Church has received numerous awards, including:

Select Awards:


World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Awards (LS9 and 23andme)


American Society for Microbiology Biotechnology Research Award


Consumer Genetics Champion & Public Initiative Award


US Presidential and EPA Green Chemistry Award (LS9)


Triennial International Steven Hoogendijk Award


Personalized Medicine World Conference Lifetime Achievement Award


Franklin Institute Bower Prize for Achievement in Science


National Academy of Sciences USA (Chemistry)


National Academy of Engineering USA (Bioengineering)