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At Connectomes Inc, our cutting-edge laboratory initiatives span a spectrum of fields, encompassing biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, brain imaging, and cryobiology. Across the globe, our interconnected teams operate within a strategically positioned network of laboratories. While each lab boasts its unique focus and specialization, a cohesive bond unites us all — the unwavering commitment to liberate humanity from the clutches of neurological diseases. Our laboratories, teams, facilities, and groundbreaking work are conducted around the world, ensuring that the wheels of innovation keep turning ceaselessly.

Laboratory Divisions

Within our state-of-the-art laboratories, an array of specialized divisions tackles diverse areas of research. Solving the intricate puzzle of neurological disorders demands a multifaceted approach, wherein various technologies and solutions converge to unravel the complexities at hand. Our commitment extends beyond singular domains, propelling us to advance science and technology across different disciplines. It is our firm dedication to usher humanity into an era where the affliction of neurological diseases is but a distant memory, as we relentlessly strive to pioneer innovative solutions at the intersection of various scientific and technological frontiers.

Our laboratory divisions at Connectomes Inc operate not only as hubs of groundbreaking research in the realm of neurological disorders but also as crucibles for innovation that transcends traditional boundaries. As we endeavor to solve the complex puzzle of neurological diseases, our commitment to advancing science and technology extends to addressing broader global challenges.

The quest to upgrade humanity forms a pivotal aspect of our mission. By harnessing the power of biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, brain imaging, and cryobiology, our laboratories strive to usher in a future where the quality of human life is significantly enhanced. 

From developing cutting-edge medical treatments to redefining the boundaries of human-machine interaction, our multidisciplinary approach aims not only to alleviate the burden of neurological disorders but also to propel humanity into a new era of well-being and prosperity.

Connectomes Inc is driven by the belief that technological innovation can be a catalyst for positive change across various facets of human existence. Our laboratories actively contribute to addressing global challenges such as poverty, healthcare accessibility, and environmental sustainability. Through the convergence of diverse technologies, we seek to provide solutions that extend beyond neurological disorders, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts societies worldwide.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, Connectomes Inc is committed to fostering a world where the limitations of today become the possibilities of tomorrow. By synergizing our laboratory divisions and leveraging the collective power of science and technology, we aspire not only to free humanity from the shackles of neurological diseases but also to catalyze a transformative shift that uplifts lives and addresses the multifaceted challenges facing our global community.

Primary Facilities and Partner Labs

Primary Facilities & Labs



Space Environments, Computing, Artificial intelligence

Our headquarters in California is home to our company and our strategic place for working on space applications. Activities include work on Artificial intelligence, Computing, Computational Biology, and Robotics. Having prestigious partners in the Bay Area is important to our aspirations of supporting humanity’s journey to space and to other planets in our path for becoming a space civilisation.



Cellular Engineering, Stem Cell Reprogramming, Computational Biology

Our teams are honoured to partner with Harvard University and our co-founder Dr. George Church to advance neuroscience and biotechnology. George Church is the recognized father of functional de-extinction and a pioneer of synthetic biology. His leadership is a critical component to our mission and success. 



Neuroscience, Robotics, Nanotechnology, 3D printing

We are proud to work with research groups at the University of Minho in Portugal, with special focus on the forefront of Robotics Research as well as on the applications of Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences into advances of Autonomous Robotics.

Partner Labs

Our work doesn’t stop within our own walls. It continues around the world, around the clock with leading departments and labs in educational and research institutions. Ensuring our mission is supported not only internally, but also externally by the scientific and intellectual community at large.

University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

Stanford University, California, USA


Wyss Institute, USA

Harvard University, Church Lab, USA

University of Aveiro, Portugal

University of Minho, Portugal

University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA

University of Nottingham

Connectomics and Computational Neuroscience: Unraveling the Complexity of the Brain

Connectomics stands at the forefront of providing rigorous and quantitative scientific frameworks for modeling and dissecting networks within the brain. This includes delving into the intricate interactions between neurons, neuronal populations, and macroscopic brain areas, both structurally and functionally. Through connectomics, we gain profound insights into the pivotal role played by the brain’s network architecture in shaping cognition, influencing disease progression, guiding developmental processes, and contributing to the aging phenomenon.

In parallel, computational neuroscience takes center stage, employing advanced mathematical models and computer simulations to scrutinize brain processes across various scales. The overarching objective is to unravel the intricate principles that govern the structure and function of these processes. By harnessing the power of computational approaches, we strive to decode the complexities of the brain’s mechanisms, offering a deeper understanding of its inner workings at the molecular, cellular, and system levels. Through this interdisciplinary synergy, Connectomics and Computational Neuroscience jointly pave the way for transformative breakthroughs in comprehending the intricacies of the brain’s architecture and function.

Biotechnology: Pioneering Cellular Advancements for a Transformative Future

In our cutting-edge Biotech lab work, we harness the power of advanced cell technologies to unlock the full potential of cellular biology. Our multifaceted approach encompasses a spectrum of techniques, including the production, reprogramming, and genetic editing of cells, positioning us at the forefront of innovative biotechnological breakthroughs. At the core of our Biotech lab’s focus is cellular reprogramming biology and technologies. We delve into the intricacies of somatic cell nuclear transfer, employing reprogramming mediated by defined factors. This includes the exploration of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), a revolutionary aspect of our research that holds immense promise for reshaping the landscape of regenerative medicine.

Our endeavors extend beyond conventional approaches, encompassing direct reprogramming and transdifferentiation, as well as in-vivo reprogramming. This comprehensive exploration enables us to unravel the intricacies of embryonic stem cells, pluripotency, adult stem cells, and multipotency, offering a holistic understanding of cellular dynamics. Genome editing technology is a cornerstone of our Biotech lab’s capabilities, where we navigate the frontiers of bioinformatics to decode the language of the genome. This intricate exploration empowers us to manipulate and engineer genetic material, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in precision medicine and personalized therapies. By combining expertise in various facets of biotechnology, our lab work emerges as a hub of innovation, shaping the future of cellular science and contributing to the broader landscape of medical advancements. Through our relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation, we are driving transformative change in the realm of biotechnology, ushering in a future where cellular advancements hold the key to addressing complex healthcare challenges.

Nanotechnology: Pioneering Innovations in the Nano World

Within our Nanotechnology laboratory work at Connectomes Inc, our research is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realms of cost reduction, enhanced biocompatibility, and the application of cutting-edge nanotechnology for addressing the complex challenges associated with neurodegenerative diseases. A primary focus of our nanotechnology lab work is on developing strategies that not only optimize the cost-effectiveness of nanotechnological applications but also ensure seamless integration with biological systems. By driving advancements in biocompatibility, we aim to create nanoscale interventions that harmoniously interact with the intricate biological milieu, minimizing adverse effects and maximizing therapeutic efficacy.

Our commitment extends beyond conventional approaches, as we strive to harness the transformative potential of advanced nanotechnology specifically tailored for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Through meticulous research and development, we seek to unlock novel pathways for targeted drug delivery, as well as innovative therapeutic modalities that can mitigate the impact of these debilitating conditions. In alignment with Connectomes Inc’s overarching mission to free humanity from the shackles of neurological disorders, our nanotechnology lab work plays a crucial role in contributing groundbreaking solutions to the field. By combining expertise in nanoscale engineering, materials science, and neuroscience, we are forging a path toward a future where nanotechnology becomes an indispensable ally in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. Through our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence, we aim to revolutionize the landscape of medical interventions, bringing hope and tangible progress to those affected by these challenging conditions.

3D Printing Systems: Revolutionizing Affordable and Sustainable Technology

Within our cutting-edge 3D Printing laboratory at Connectomes Inc, our dedicated research endeavors focus on harnessing the full potential of the most promising 3D print systems. Our commitment is rooted in the vision of making advanced technologies accessible and affordable to all, and 3D printing emerges as a pivotal tool in realizing this goal.

Our emphasis on affordability stems from the profound impact it can have on making groundbreaking technologies accessible to a wider demographic. Through strategic integration of 3D printing, we aim to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes, significantly reducing costs and production time. This approach aligns with our overarching mission of addressing the economic burden associated with neurological disorders by offering cost-effective solutions that enhance accessibility and affordability for individuals and communities.

Beyond cost considerations, our 3D printing initiatives champion sustainability by embracing local manufacturing. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also contributes to the creation of almost zero-waste production processes. By championing sustainable practices, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and promoting responsible innovation that aligns with the broader goals of creating a healthier and more sustainable future.

In addition to affordability and sustainability, our 3D Printing lab is at the forefront of personalized manufacturing. Through intricate design and precision engineering, we aspire to offer tailored solutions that cater to individual needs. This personalized approach extends beyond conventional manufacturing methods, fostering a new era where technology is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of individual lives, enhancing the overall experience and effectiveness of medical interventions.

Our 3D Printing lab work at Connectomes Inc is not just about advancing technology; it’s about transforming the landscape of healthcare by ensuring that our innovations are not only cutting-edge but also accessible, sustainable, and personalized. Through these initiatives, we envision a future where 3D printing becomes a cornerstone in the arsenal against neurological disorders, embodying our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals globally.

Artificial Intelligence: Pioneering Innovative Intelligent Solutions

At Connectomes Inc, our Artificial Intelligence laboratory work is at the forefront of cutting-edge research, delving into various artificial intelligence algorithms that include supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. Our dedicated team is committed to unraveling the immense potential of AI in transforming healthcare, neurological disorder interventions, and improving the human condition.

Supervised learning algorithms play a crucial role in our research, providing the foundation for training models that can accurately predict and classify intricate patterns within neurological data. Through meticulous analysis, we strive to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring a more precise understanding of neurological conditions and facilitating targeted treatment strategies.

In parallel, our exploration of unsupervised learning algorithms focuses on uncovering hidden patterns and relationships within vast datasets. By leveraging the power of unsupervised learning, we aim to identify novel insights into the complexities of neurological disorders, paving the way for breakthroughs in understanding disease progression, personalized treatment plans, and prognostic predictions.

Reinforcement learning algorithms represent a cornerstone in our pursuit of creating adaptive and responsive Artificial Intelligence systems. These algorithms are designed to learn from experience, continuously refining their strategies based on feedback from real-world implementations. By employing reinforcement learning, we aim to develop intelligent systems that not only monitor but actively guide the implementation processes, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive approach to patient care and treatment.

Our Artificial Intelligence laboratory work extends beyond algorithmic exploration; it is a hub of innovation where experts collaborate to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. We are not merely developing Artificial Intelligence-based strategies; we are forging a path toward a future where Artificial Intelligence becomes an indispensable ally in the fight against neurological disorders. Through our research endeavors, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence, driving advancements that transcend conventional boundaries and significantly impact the lives of individuals affected by neurological conditions.

Robotics: Revolutionizing Precision and Reproducibility

Within our state-of-the-art Robotics laboratory work at Connectomes Inc, our focus extends beyond conventional paradigms. Our dedicated team is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, specializing in the design, analysis, and implementation of cutting-edge robotic hardware and software systems. We are not just creating robots; we are shaping the future. The cornerstone of our Robotics lab lies in the meticulous design where form meets function with unparalleled precision. This commitment to excellence is driven by our vision of creating robotic systems that are not only technologically advanced but adaptive and robust.  Simultaneously, our focus on software systems underscores the critical role of algorithmic intelligence in guiding robotic functions. From intricate navigation algorithms to responsive feedback systems, our Robotics lab work is dedicated to developing systems that transcends traditional limitations.  Our Robotics lab work at Connectomes Inc is not merely engaged in the creation of robotic systems; it is a hub of innovation where precision, rigor, and reproducibility converge.

Imaging Connectomes: Illuminating the Connectome Landscape

Within the realm of our Imaging laboratory work at Connectomes Inc, our mission transcends the conventional boundaries of brain exploration. We are pioneers in the art of reading connectomes, unlocking the intricacies of neural circuits and systems to pave the way for transformative advancements in neuroscience. Reading connectomes is a cornerstone of our work, and we are at the forefront of in-vivo, destructive imaging technologies that deliver unprecedented resolutions. We work with cutting-edge techniques such as Electron Microscopy, boasting an impressive 4-nanometer resolution, and fluorescent in situ tissue scanning, pushing the boundaries with an astounding 20-nanometer resolution.

The data extracted through advanced brain reading techniques serves as the bedrock for computational simulations of neural cells, networks, and systems. This visionary concept allows us to construct functional computational models of specific brain components, enabling a comprehensive understanding of their roles and interactions. As technology experiences exponential growth, supercomputing capabilities are on the verge of surpassing the computational power of the human brain, unlocking simulations at diverse scales of brain components.

Existing computational simulations, achieved with unparalleled precision, herald a new era in neuroscience, where the fusion of technology and computation promises transformative insights. In the coming decades, this technology is poised to reshape the landscape of neuroscience, contributing significantly to our understanding of the brain and, ultimately, revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

In essence, our Imaging lab work at Connectomes Inc is not merely capturing images; it is a dynamic hub where cutting-edge technology converges with neuroscience, illuminating the intricate details of the connectome landscape. Through our pioneering work in reading connectomes, we are shaping the future of neuroscience, ushering in an era where technological simulations pave the way for unparalleled insights into the complexities of the human brain.

Cryobiology: Elevating Connectome Preservation

In the dynamic landscape of our Cryobiology laboratory work, where cutting-edge technologies intersect with neuroscience, imaging, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computing, we embark on a journey to not only explore the intricate workings of the human brain but also to preserve and safeguard its invaluable connectomes.

In recent years, the rapid evolution of neuroscience, imaging, and advanced technologies, including nanotechnology and biotechnology, has presented unprecedented opportunities. These technologies, now more affordable and effective than ever, hold the transformative potential to enhance the human condition. One of our primary objectives at Connectomes Inc is to harness these advancements to augment our healthcare system, specifically by revolutionizing our capacity to preserve crucial information encoded within the connectomes.

Cryobiology, a pivotal component of our multidisciplinary approach, emerges as a beacon in the realm of connectome preservation. By delving into the principles of cryopreservation, our experts are pioneering new technologies that go beyond conventional boundaries. These innovations aim not only to decipher the complexities of the human brain but also to develop strategies for preserving connectomes effectively.

Our commitment extends beyond the laboratory, as we envision a future where biotechnology plays a key role in enhancing genetic resistance to temperature, fortifying human defenses against diseases, and revolutionizing the very fabric of our healthcare system. At Connectomes Inc, we understand that the preservation of connectomes is not merely a scientific endeavor; it is a vital pursuit with the potential to redefine how we approach healthcare, paving the way for a future where the wealth of information encoded in our connectomes remains safeguarded and accessible for generations to come.

Join the Pioneering Journey at Connectomes Inc

Embark on a transformative journey with Connectomes Inc, where groundbreaking science and innovative technology converge to shape the future of humanity. We believe that exceptional science and technology creation are fueled by the collective brilliance of a dedicated and collaborative team.

Are you a forward-thinking individual with a passion for making a positive impact on the world? Do you envision a future where cutting-edge research and groundbreaking solutions contribute to the betterment of humanity? If so, Connectomes Inc invites you to become an integral part of our dynamic team.

At Connectomes Inc, we recognize that the key to unlocking the mysteries of the human brain and advancing healthcare lies in assembling a team of bright minds. We value diversity, creativity, and a shared commitment to creating a better world for all. Whether you are an experienced researcher, a skilled engineer, or a visionary thinker, we encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities that await you at Connectomes Inc.

Join us in our quest to redefine the boundaries of neuroscience, imaging, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computing. Be part of a collaborative environment that fosters continuous learning, innovation, and a shared passion for elevating the human condition. Together, let’s shape a future where pioneering research and cutting-edge technologies converge to make a lasting impact on global healthcare.

If you are ready to contribute to a brighter and healthier world, Connectomes Inc welcomes you to join us in our mission. Explore the possibilities, unlock your potential, and become a driving force in the quest to revolutionize connectome preservation and advance healthcare for generations to come. Your journey towards meaningful contributions starts here at Connectomes Inc. Join us, and let’s create a future where the extraordinary becomes the norm.