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Torrey Smith


Torrey Smith

Co-Founder & CEO – Endiatx.

Endiatx is a med device OEM dedicated to ushering in the era of microrobotics inside the human body. Their first product, PillBot™️, is a swimming robotic pill camera that utilizes a patent-pending quad-pumpjet propulsion system to allow Gastroenterologists to actively steer the robot around the human stomach with a live video feed.

Torrey Smith is a 14-year veteran of the med device startup industry who has been fortunate enough to participate in 3 successful exits. Before co-founding Endiatx, he worked in the areas of endometrial ablation, atherectomy, sleep apnea, therapeutic hypothermia, and vascular closure. Besides his work in med device, Torrey is the founder of an international arts collective known as Sextant, and he has had his art featured in the Smithsonian.